The Vampyre follows a young Englishman and his sister who fall victim to the control of a mysterious aristocrat, Lord Ruthen. With his sister promised to Ruthven, Aubrey is taken under his wing as he travels the continent with his host. Arriving in Italy Aubrey becomes worried about Ruthven's increasingly foolish antics and they part ways.

Aubrey continues his journey, visiting Greece where he falls for an Athenian girl named Ianthe. Sinister events follow Aubrey and the sudden arrival of Ruthven after a creature attacks a local village leads to further suspicions. With his ever increasing power over Aubrey and his family and Ruthven's undeniably monstrous behaviour, can they escape his clutches?

The Vampyre is an upcoming British horror film, written and directed by Rowan M. Ashe, and produced by Britannia Pictures. It is an adaptation of the short story of the same name by John William Polidori.

Principal photography is scheduled for early 2019, with filming taking place predominantly in the United Kingdom and Italy, with some shooting taking place in Germany and Greece.

An announcement on casting will be made in 2018, as well as further developments.

The Vampyre (2019)

Film Poster: 
Rowan M. Ashe

Actor: TBC
Date released: 25/ 10/ 2019
Genre: Horror
MPAA rating: TBC
Duration: 2h
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